Computer Services

Virus removal experts in Edinburgh and Livingston

Whether it is computer repair or virus removal, we can do it all. Our experts have been helping individuals, businesses and families within Livingston, Bathgate, Dalkeith, Edinburgh and West Lothian for over 20 years.

Our services include:

Office computers

Whatever IT support you might need

Protecting your data

Whatever computer support you need, we will do our very best to protect your data, including your documents, music and photographs.
Before we start any work that might compromise your data, we will always make a back-up and restore your data to your new or updated system.
Computer services

Construct, build and repair hardware and software

Install broadband internet services, wired or wireless, including routers, switches and networking.
(Make the most of all the PCs and laptops you have, not just for businesses but for sharing and gaming as well.)
hardware and software repairs

Installing any software and hardware

  • Microsoft office suites
  • Antivirus program setup and installed
  • Setup email
  • Hardware and printer drivers
  • Backup devices
Any hardware and software solution you want, we will do our best to assist you.
Installing new software

Hardware upgrades or repairs

  • Need to upgrade the graphics capabilities?
  • Short of USB sockets?
  • Need wireless card fitted?
  • Wireless printer installed?
  • Faster DVD read and write drive?
  • Need Blu-ray drive fitted?
  • Setup media centre to watch and record TV and movies?
Any item that you wish to have fitted and setup, we can do it for you.
Hardware upgrades


Don't throw that old computer in the bin! Not only is this harmful to the environment, you could be putting your personal information at risk.
Maxcom will decommission your PC properly; we will remove the hard drive and wipe off all of the data. Even if you delete all of your files, your information can still be recovered from an old hard drive. Don't take a chance; have your drive properly wiped. After Maxcom wipes your hard drive, the remaining components will be passed to an appropriate recycling facility.


When you need software, give us a call. We will help you select the right product for your needs and assist with installation. We can help you get the best price, and, in some cases, offer a free equivalent. 

Having software properly installed is an important part of adding a new program to your PC; assuring compatibility with existing programs. Sometimes it may be best to remove a particular program before installing a new one. Default settings can sometimes have the undesired effect of stealing away functionality from programs that are already installed and preferred for a particular task.
Software installation
We are your first choice for professional computer and IT support in Livingston, Edinburgh and West Lothian.
Call us on
01506 433 271 or 07717 358 957
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