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Resolving internet connection problems in Edinburgh and Livingston

Do you have problems with your internet connection? Or, are you new to networking?
We have 20 years of experience in resolving network problems and we serve clients throughout Livingston, Edinburgh and West Lothian.

Internet connection problems

Don't struggle with network problems. At Maxcom, we want to make your technology work for you and get you back online. Whether you use the internet for your business or your home, we can ensure that your internet and networking works for you.

We are based in Livingston and serve all of Edinburgh Livingston, Bathgate, Dalkeith and West Lothian. We are happy to come to your home or workplace to help you find the solution that you need. There is no call-out fee for our services.
Internet connection


While setting up a network has become more user friendly, there are still plenty of situations that require more sophisticated installations. At Maxcom, we understand how the technology of a network operates, and how to ensure the best balance of security and usability for you, your family or your business. We can ensure your networking meets your needs.
Networking cable

Making your network work for you

  • Install router or wireless access point. We will install a new device or check the security and configuration of an existing device.
  • Install additional desktop computer. Set up your desktop computer for networking. If the location of a computer makes a hardwired connection impractical, we can install wireless networking hardware to suit the situation.
  • Install and configure wired and wireless networks so you can share files and printers throughout your network.
  • Install additional notebook or laptop computers. Configured to work with your network and access shared devices.
  • Set up network backup. Backup your computer to a location on your network.
  • Configure NAS (Network Attached Storage), the best way to have your data accessible on multiple computers. It is a standalone device holding large amounts of storage, and capable of storing all of your media to share with any of your computers. Also makes a good backup target for all of your computers.
  • Configure a printer that can be shared throughout the network.
See how we can help with PC repairs, laptop repairs and tablet repairs, and virus or malware removal and provide you with a range of other services to make the most of your technology.
Don't struggle with Wi-Fi and internet connection problems.
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