PC Repairs

PC repair specialists in Edinburgh and Livingston

Whether you need PC repairs, Mac repairs, an upgrade, virus removals, or just some help installing some new software or hardware, Maxcom is here to assist you.

We are based in Livingston and provides IT services across Livingston, Bathgate, Dalkeith, Edinburgh and West Lothian. 

Quality computer repairs

  • Replacement parts and components
  • Memory upgrades
  • Virus removal
  • Software installation
  • DC jack repair
  • Faulty hard drive
  • Overheating motherboard
  • Good price on new AC adapters and replacement batteries
  • Mac repairs
  • Virus removals
  • Screen repairs
Faulty hard drive repairs

We can get your broken computer repaired and working like new (or better!)

Here at Maxcom, we provide an affordable option to get your broken computer running again. We offer quality PC repairs and Mac repairs so that you can save yourself time and money. Let us provide a quick but comprehensive solution to all your PC problems including broken tablets, broken laptops, internet connection issues and networking.

We also repair laptops and tablets.

Custom-built PCs

We build energy efficient computers which are configured without all the "trial" software installed by most of the large PC manufacturers. Only the programs that you want and need are installed, and if you purchase extra software to be installed, you get the program installation disks, so that if you do have a problem, you are not at the mercy of a typical system recovery. This policy includes the operating system install disk as well.

View our custom made computers page.
Custom-built PCs

Complete data recovery services!

We understand that your system often holds important documents, photos and information, and we will do our very best to protect your data.
Before we start any work, we will always make a back-up and restore your data to your new or updated system.
Not sure what the problem is? Let us find out for you! We know what to look for so that you don't have to.
Call Maxcom on
01506 433 271 or 07717 358 957
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